Our solutions

Our solutions

Our solutions for energy producers

Renewable energy plants

We help you at every step of your project:

Sensibilisation : We make workshops to introduce the different schemes to monetize the produced electricity.

Project initiation : We make a comparative survey of monetisation solutions (regulation context, contractual scheme, curve analysis). We model your sells and your business plan to help you in your decision making process.

Project execution : We make your project a success by helping you to contract the appropriate terms and conditions.

  • Subsidized contract.
  • Sell to the market or through PPA.
  • Self-consumption

In operation: We monitor your key performance indicators, manage the billing process and inform you about regulation changes and market prices.

Group of producers

We gather power plants from many producers to sell their electricity to the market. Information and every contract remain confidential.

Leaving subsidised contracts

We model every implication of leaving historical subsidised contracts and opportunities for alternative monetisation. We communicate you all data for making your decision: probability and expected revenues.

We manage the transition from one to another contract.

Our local consumption solutions

Manage a Power Purchase Agreement

We identify one or several counterparties to offer you a PPA contract. We help you on every contract component:

  • Duration of the agreement.
  • Nature of the commitment relative to the
  • Find the appropriate pricing strategy.
  • Share the risks relative to the price and the volume.
  • Bank guarantees.

We model different scenarios of production. We compare the cost of each option and you can make your decision.

Individual or collective self-consumption

Use your rooftops and parks to produce your own electricity. Use it for your own needs or share it with neighbourhood consumers. Sell the excess energy to the relevant scheme.

We help you to identify and model the appropriate scheme to your context and expectations.

You can then manage your project setup and operational monitoring by using our tools.

Setup a microgrid

At the scale of a building or a neighbourhood, we help you manage your smart energy network in a logic of economic performance. Our tool makes it possible to arbitrate the proper functioning between the availability of energy assets, price optimization, self-consumption and grid balancing services.

We help you select the providers for both the implementation of Energy Management System/ Power Management System solutions and to manage your assets and value them in the relevant markets.

Flexibility Operator

Regulation and opportunity screening.

We make a cartography of the regulation documents and quantify the size of the relevant French market. The interpretation of the local context will help you to confirm your business development expectations.

Obtain the needed authorisations.

Once you decide to enter the market, it’s time to gather all required information and to get in touch with local authorities and your first partners. We facilitate this long and tricky process to reduce your time to market.

Develop your activity.

It is time to install your local team and you will be hiring soon. We can help you during the transition period.