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Energy producer

We help you to increase your sells.

The electricity market and new ways of selling electricity are good alternatives to traditional subsidized contracts :

Sell on the market : Market prices have significantly increased over the past few years.

Self-consumption generates savings on transport and fiscality.

Sell your electricity directly to consumers : power purchase agreements, collective self-consumption.

You want to optimise your sells? Energy Connections helps you at every step of your project.

Stronger together :

We are currently gathering many producers from every technology to get higher prices.


Electro-chemical batteries, electrical vehicles and hydrogen electrolysers are interesting storage in addition to your production.

You want to assess this opportunity? We work with you to identify costs and benefits of every option.

Major energy consumer

Energy prices are becoming more and more volatile. That makes your decision more and more complex.

You want to improve your understanding of the market and optimize your purchasing strategy. Or you need to include green procurement or power purchase agreement.

Which components are important to focus on? What are the local tips?

Energy Connections and its partners network advise you at every step of your project, through three axes:

  • Consume better.
  • Optimize or diversify your purchase strategy.
  • Produce your own electricity.

Flexibility operator

You are a flexibility operator active in many countries and have the objective to come to the French Flexibility market. We can advise you in your understanding of the local context, the French market regulation, and how it works in practice.

Which parameters will be important in your development? How can you catch opportunities and identify every issue?

Energy Connections helps you at every step of your development, through three axes:

• Regulation and opportunity screening.
• Obtaining the needed authorisations.
• Developing your activity.